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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

China’s Xi Jinping sets his position with a historic resolution

Xi Jinping

The Chinese Communist Party has approved a “historic resolution,” firmly establishing Xi Jinping’s place in history. The booklet, which grants an overview of the party’s 100-year history, discusses the party’s real successes and plans.

Since the party’s establishment, it is the 3rd of its kind; Mao Zedong passed the 1st in 1945. Also, the 2nd was given by Deng Xiaoping in 1981. It was approved at China’s sixth plenary session, one of its most important meetings, on Thursday.

“Like the previous two resolutions, will play an important role in helping to unite the party’s theory, will, and action to achieve future progress and realizing the second centenary goal and the great Chinese dream of rejuvenation,” said senior party official Qu Qingshan at a press conference on Friday.

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The party has previously set two centennial goals: the first is for China to improve a “moderately prosperous” society by 2021. Also, the second is for China to become a “fully developed, rich, and powerful” nation by 2049.

Some observers see Mr. Xi’s resolution as the latest attempt by Chinese leaders to roll back decades of decentralization. That began with Deng and continued through other leaders such as Jiang Zemin – a sign that China may be returning to a so-called cult of personality.

More than 370 complete alternate members of the party’s 19th Central Committee the country’s top leadership attended the four-day closed-door session.

It was the final major meeting of party leaders before next year’s national congress. Where Xi is expected to run for a historic 3rd term as president. “In some ways, the CCP has reached a climax of achievement for the party and China with Mr. Xi at the helm.”

Still, experts say politics can be “surprising,” and despite all evidence that Mr. Xi will remain in power for the foreseeable future, anything can happen.

Source: BBC News

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