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Travelers tackle N.S. car rental lack ahead of the summer season

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  • Costs for rentals have climbed, forcing some people to switch plans.
  • A worldwide lack of semiconductors is why a 2021 shortage in rental vehicles is stretching into the 2022 season, states Craig Hirota, vice-president of government concerns and member services for Associated Canadian Car Rental Operators.

Travelers to Nova Scotia have to develop amazing ways to guide the car rental market, as a lack of cars in the region and rising demand have pushed prices to climb.

Lisa Dahr, director of industry associations at the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia, said the association has been in talks with operators who initially reduced their inventory due to the COVID-19 outbreak and are now dealing with heightened demand as summer approaches, which has caused a shortage.

“We have heard from a few operators where it has unfortunately resulted in booking revocations from visitors,” Dahr said.

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lack of cars in the region and rising demand have pushed prices to climb.

Rental car operators in Nova Scotia have been fighting supply problems since last summer when travel started to gradually ramp up after being shuttered by measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

High costs

One traveler, Savannah Greene, said the pressure of finding an affordable car for her upcoming journey from Perth, Australia, has been taxing. Greene, who is initially from Halifax, said she plans on traveling back to Nova Scotia for the only time in three years this summer. After reserving the tickets, Greene and her partner looked to lease a car for a trip, only to be bowled over by high costs.

“When we first began looking, I think the best cost I could find was $2,500 for a little under five weeks. That’s nearly the cost of one of our airplane tickets,” she stated. She posted regarding her challenge in finding a vehicle on Facebook to find other arrangements but didn’t have any luck, she added.

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