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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Lynx Air, a new ultra-low-cost carrier, will launch from Calgary

Lynx Air

Key Takeaways:

  • Lynx Air announced its intention to begin flying in 2022 at Calgary International Airport, its new headquarters.
  • Lynx intends to operate a fleet of Boeing’s newest 737 planes.

As the country recovers from the pandemic, a new Canadian airline announced its planned launch on Tuesday, connecting an increasingly crowded field of carriers vying for budget-conscious travelers.

Lynx, formerly known as Enerjet, is a Calgary-based charter airline announced in 2018 to transform into a commercial discount carrier. Some experienced aviation industry players back it. Tim Morgan led a group of investors, a former senior executive at WestJet Airlines Ltd., founded the privately held company.

Merren McArthur, the former CEO of Tigerair Australia, Virgin Australia Regional Airlines, and Virgin Australia Cargo, will lead Lynx.

McArthur announced on Tuesday that Lynx would follow the ultra-low-cost carrier model, which means that passengers will be offered basic, bare-bones discount fares and then charged extra for services such as checked bags and cancellations.

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The ultra-low-cost model has proven popular in Europe and the United States, but there has yet to be a Canadian imitator. However, this is changing, with Edmonton-based Flair Airlines announcing a significant expansion of its fleet and routes this year. WestJet also has its own unbundled, lower-cost Swoop service, which announced nine new ways out of Edmonton on Monday.

According to Robert Kokonis, president of independent Canadian aviation consultancy AirTrav Inc., it is unclear whether Lynx is entering an oversaturated market. He stated that he would have doubted Canada’s ability to support this many ultra-low-cost carriers just a few years ago.

McArthur stated that the airline has firm orders and lease agreements in place for a total of 46 aircraft over the next seven years to meet anticipated demand.

The first three Boeing 737s for the company are scheduled to arrive in early 2022. McArthur stated that Lynx would hire up to 450 people, most of whom will be based in Calgary, to help with the airline’s launch. He also mentioned Indigo LLP, an Arizona-based private equity firm specializing in low-cost carriers like Singapore’s Tiger Airways and Spirit Airlines in Florida.

Source: CP24 News

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