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Biden says he’s thinking about lifting the US Omicron travel ban

lifting the US Omicron travel ban

Key Takeaways:

  • Direction┬áto the Centers for Disease Control or Prevention, omicron now accounts for more than 70% of new Covid-19 cases in the US.

After the omicron variant of coronavirus became the dominant strain in the United States, President Joe Biden said he’s considering lifting travel restrictions for people arriving from southern African countries where it was first identified.

“I’m thinking about reversing,” Biden told reporters at the White House on Tuesday. “I’m going to talk with my group in the next couple of days.” He stated that his medical advisors advised him to reconsider the ban.

United States, President Joe Biden ; Image from VOX

Following the finding of the new OMICRON variant, the US government imposed restrictions on people traveling from South Africa and seven other nearby countries on Nov. 29. In addition, the CDC notified airlines the following day that they must provide the names of passengers who had recently traveled in southern Africa so that local health agencies could conduct contact tracing.

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Regardless of how effective the travel restrictions prevented people infected with the omicron variant from entering the US, the Covid-19 mutation quickly became the dominant strain.

When asked about Biden’s remarks, Airlines for America, a trade group that represents large carriers, said in an emailed statement that “the recent Omicron-related country-based restrictions were intended to be temporary, not long-term, and will be updated as more data becomes available.”

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