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Meta, earlier Facebook, is thinking to opening in online store


News of the plans came about a week after Facebook announced it was changing its name to Meta.

Firms like Apple have long had to prosper in retail, although Microsoft has recently ditched its stores to focus on its online stores. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is discussing opening its first retail store as it looks set to penetrate the Metaverse.

Stores that don’t have a specific opening date allow the company to showcase devices like virtual reality headsets and conference calling gadgets that people can use to video chat using Facebook. It will be the company’s first physical store for social media.

News of the company’s vision came about a week after Facebook changed its name to Meta.

It is said to shift the focus to building a virtual world or Metaverse where users can communicate, work and play. The retail plan that the Times noted could be scrapped shows that Meta needs a real-world presence to demonstrate what it can do in the virtual world.

The company sells several products that customers can try directly.

For example, his Oculus Quest virtual reality headphones, rebranded as Meta Quest, could give people a chance to see his vision of the Metaverse before they decide to buy. The company also sells video chat tools on the Facebook portal, renaming Meta Portal. Both have been sold at several outlets, such as Best Buy.

In the last months, meta has come under fire after a former Facebook team member leaked documents to Congress. In addition, the media revealed that the company had several issues with its platform but either ignored or failed to resolve them.

Meta is reportedly planning a flagship store in Burlingame, California, where there is an office for Reality Labs. However, it was reported that before the name change, the company decided to name its store “Facebook Store.” Companies like Apple have had success in retail, and Google recently opened its first office. Last year Microsoft gave up its stores to focus on its online store.

Source: CNBC News

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