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How technology aided the growth of these relocation businesses despite Covid-19


Key Takeaways:

  • Moovaz’s robust relocation platform enables partners and customers hampered by the ongoing pandemic to move their homes, travel with their pets, and obtain immigration services.

With over 40 years of experience in the relocation industry, Singapore-based CM Relocation has assisted thousands of customers in moving their families, homes, and lives worldwide, including Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom, name a few.

So assisting a man and his wife in their move from Singapore to Sweden seemed like just another feather in their cap until the dog entered the room.

While CM Relocation has supported the transport of everything from family heirlooms to prized motorcycles halfway around the world, a Shiba Inu was a completely different story.

They do not provide pet relocation services. However, collaboration with another Moovaz platform partner helped the logistics and shipping company meet this couple’s needs.

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Moovaz, an all-inclusive relocation platform for expatriates, enables a seamless, end-to-end relocation experience by allowing clients to do everything from finding providers to requesting quotes, communicating with suppliers and consultants, and even tracking every step of the moving process.

Moovaz providers range from pre-departure services such as visa application and home searching to post-departure services such as bank account creation, telco set-up, and insurance.

All Moovaz partners, regardless of their scope, can be listed in the Moovaz ecosystem, whether they are moving and shipping companies like CM Relocation, insurance companies, or pet relocators. This is precisely what self-starting expatriates attempt. The explosive growth of platforms and services like Grab, Uber, and Airbnb over the last decade indicates a clear consumer preference for transparency and self-management but, as fragmented as the relocation industry currently is, it has been found wanting.

This is where the Moovaz ecosystem comes into play. With an 80% increase in the last year and a steady increase in partnerships worldwide, it’s clear where the relocation industry’s future lies.

Source: The Straits time

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