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Google Canada helps Indigenous students and job seekers

Google Canada helps Indigenous students

Key Takeaways:

  • The technology behemoth is pledging $600,000 toward scholarships and free training in high-demand digital fields.
  • Melissa Adams desired to make changes to her organization’s website herself.

So when the mid-career librarian and archivist saw an ad on social media for free computer programming training, she applied.

“So, I didn’t get a response right away,” Adams explained to News. “There was a little bit of a wait, and then it was kind of scary at first, knowing that I’d made this commitment to it, but it was also exciting just to know that I, to know that I had this opportunity,” she says.

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ComIT, which offers free professional development and training opportunities in information technology, led the course. Its Recoding Futures program trains workers in Javascript, HTML, Design Thinking, CSS, and Node and runs virtually, which was advantageous to Adams, who did not want to leave her territory or change careers COVID-19 shifts more work online.

“I think I was intimidated going into this because when you think tech, you don’t think of a middle-aged First Nations woman,” said Adams, a member of the Nisga’a Nation’s Killer Whale Clan.

Google Canada; Image from NewsBreak

“However, after taking these courses, I realized that I could do it.” I could learn, and aunties work very hard! We can accomplish a lot! So it’s pretty awesome and gives me a lot of confidence. I think knowing more about that side of technology, what’s going on behind the scenes, will be highly beneficial.”

According to Indspire president and CEO Mike Degagne, Adams is not alone in her desire to learn new skills. Google Canada announced on December 15 that it would donate $500,000 to ComIT’s Recoding Futures program and $100,000 to Google Career Certificate scholarships and job training through Indspire.

According to Degagne, the funding will have a broad impact.

“It will not only benefit them individually, but it will also benefit their communities as a whole, ensuring that Indigenous communities across the country are better able to participate in the digital skills-based economy.”

Sabrina Geremia, vice president or country manager at Google Canada stated that the company is proud to support the need for new skillsets and the desire for new careers in technology.

Source: APTN news

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