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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Canada’s decision on Huawei 5G mobile networks

Canada's decision on Huawei

Key Takeaways:

As the Liberal government arranges to reveal its policy on next-generation mobile networks, worldwide security experts predict that Huawei Technologies will be left out of the long-awaited blueprint.

So many devices join the internet, and innovations such as virtual reality, immersive gaming, and driverless vehicles emerge. The development of 5G, or fifth-generation, networks will give users faster Internet connections and supply massive data capacity to meet the insatiable demand.

The Conservatives have long pressured the Liberals to deny Huawei a part in creating Canada’s 5G infrastructure, claiming that doing so would make it easier for Beijing to eavesdrop on Canadians. Some believe Huawei’s participation will give it access to a wealth of digital data about how, when, and where Canadians use internet-connected devices.

As a result, Chinese security services could force the corporation to hand up personal data, according to the hypothesis. China’s National Intelligence Law states that Chinese organizations and citizens must support, help, and cooperate with official intelligence activity to raise these issues.

Huawei claims to be a strongly independent company that does not conduct survey on behalf of anyone, including Beijing. However, regardless of whether Huawei is a genuine security threat. The concerns have led to a widespread belief that countries cannot afford to take a chance on a telecommunications company backed by Beijing. According to Wesley Wark, an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa also a senior person at the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

“The corporation is simply too perceptually tied with the Chinese leadership to allow western states to do anything different,” Wark said. “They do have other options.”

Huawei Canada hopes and expects that any federal government decision on the 5G policy will be “based on technology, not politics,” according to Velshi. While the Huawei issue has gotten considerable attention, the government’s 5G examination is a far more general, strategic look at how developing technology may help Canada’s economy.

“However, to maximize this promise for economic growth through 5G, the technology’s safety and security must be maintained,” according to briefing papers produced for Bill Blair, then the minister of public safety, earlier this year.

“Incidents resulting from malevolent actors exploiting vulnerabilities will be more difficult to prevent and may have a greater impact than in prior generations of wireless technology.” The United States and China recently reached a deferred prosecution arrangement in Meng’s case, permitting her release and allowing the two Michaels to return to Canada as they became known.

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