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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Your Mindset as a Creator is Very Important says Matthew Rodriguez (TapWater)

TapWater’s creativity as a YouTuber flows like water, which has resulted in engaging and deeply connecting with the audiences

The closer we look around us, the more we realize how the world is getting smaller each passing day with the increased use of digital mediums. People have made their own universe in the digital media, and some are even thriving in this universe in the form of influencers, creators, professionals, artists, etc. However, making it big in the digital world, especially on YouTube, could be a different challenge altogether. This is because YouTube has welcomed innumerable talented beings so far, who have attained astounding success as YouTubers and content creators across niches. But, Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater, still stands tall and unique among others and creates a unique niche for himself with his entertaining videos that he makes on the games he plays to make people smile and spread positivity. He believes that all through these years, it was his positive mindset that helped him reach where he is in his career as a YouTuber.

“Your mindset as a creator is very important,” he states and explains how essential it is for people to stay positive in all that they choose to create content on. There could arrive so many instances where creators might feel dejected and not encouraged enough after the failure of their content or its lack of ability to reach more audiences, even if the content made is great. It is quite easy to lose hope in such situations, but TapWater says that this is essentially the time when people must show their determination to move forward anyway. It is his personal experience too, where sometimes he feels he has lost his mojo, but during this crucial time, he makes sure to not get affected by the failure and work harder on his content creation game. This, he believes, has helped him move consistently on his path, gaining more and more success each year. Hence, he says that the right mindset has the power to change a person’s career trajectory.

TapWater (@tapwater) says that YouTubers and content creators must learn from these experiences and implement the same in their next content or video to stand out from the rest.

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