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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Nortepuro: One of the first and sought-after companies offering original designs and a catalog of products thought by and for young people

It was courage that has helped the team thrive high in the industry and become known as a top urban brand and a brave project.

There are tons of success stories that have remained in the news for the longest for all the right reasons for the phenomenal ideas and visions of a few young professionals and entrepreneurs behind them. These young professionals always look out for opportunities that can help them become their own best versions while also inspiring others to be. Nortepuro is one such distinctive and brave project that offers a variety of products and services for the urban youth nationally and internationally, founded by such young talent. Coming this far, thriving off of the passion and ideas of the young founder, the company has now become a go-to brand for every youth who loves rap, graffiti, and more.

The one who founded the company confesses how he has always been passionate about music in general and rap in particular, and as a form of artistic creation, a lot of inspiration he has drawn from graffiti. Nortepuro is all about offering people original designs and a catalogue of products thought by and for young people, created and chosen by an equally young team, which is a sure guarantee that both the creator and the potential public will have an interconnection and mutual understanding and be more successful than if there were a large age difference between the company and the client.

The influence of the urban world has been consistent, and thus it is easier to develop all kinds of aesthetic and musical trends that have emerged in their neighborhoods. It is from here, from this central idea, that Nortepuro begins its journey. The team has consistently collaborated with rappers having a huge national presence and recognition, giving publicity and repercussion to their artistic work, and receiving their participation and collaboration in the dissemination of their products. For example, Retro, Oktoba, Kheis, and others. At the level of other brands of recognized international prestige, they collaborate with Cookies SF, Vibes, Raw, Bulldog, etc., being a distributor of their products, in addition to those of Nortepuro.

Nortepuro (@nortepuro) is all about honestly serving the young public of urban origin, and in the coming times, the company is looking forward to Nortepuro TV, a website with the purpose of promoting and highlighting both young musicians and well-known singers on the web, and Nortepuro Drift, focusing on the motor world, sponsoring their own team. Also, work is under process for the marketing of Nortepuro brand energy drinks.

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