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Dave Panozzo, the best real estate agent in Arizona, on making it big in life : Important Life Lessons

Dave Panozzo’s mantra for success is quite different from what others have lived by.

Dave Panozzo and his wife set up a successful real estate gig in Arizona and became the go-to real estate agency. However, none of it came easy and there were a lot of hurdles on his way to success. Dave’s career did not start as a real estate agent. After quitting college, Dave joined the army, and after his return from the army, Dave joined a sales team for a car dealership. However, in the middle, he picked up many odd jobs, for a short while.

Things changed when his wife got her real estate license. After the real estate market crashed in 2008, Panozzo had had trouble with his work and the real estate business. However, he bounced back soon after. Now, Panozzo is one of the most successful real estate agents in Arizona and works with many dealers, employees, and clients. His success mantra? Dave Panozzo believes that one can work on one thing only once, which is why people should focus everything on the job at hand.

Another great piece of advice from Panozzo is that you should not enter into businesses or business agreements with friends unless your friends can keep personal attitudes separate. After the market crash of 2008, Panozoo had worked with a friend and started a granite business, which soon turned out to be a valuable lesson for him.

Lastly, Panozzo shared that while working with his wife, he had trouble finding the right pace. He and his wife had to try many things to make their relationship work on a professional front. Panozzo could successfully work with his wife by treating her as a stranger. About his work with his wife he says, “treat it as if we were two strangers working together.” He also advises young and budding entrepreneurs to have money stored and to never over leverage.

All the lessons he learned during his time, have become valuable lessons to him. Further, anyone looking for advice to be successful in life can learn a lot from Panozzo and his experiences.

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