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The ‘finite’ Earth and Blue Origin’s flight frenzy by marvels Shatner

marvels Shatner

Key Takeaways:

  • When fiction evolved fact with his rocket ride, William Shatner’s enduring role as an avatar of space’s promise drew a frenzy of attention.
  • The “Star Trek” actor communicates he was as surprised as pleased with the 10-minute suborbital flight made possible by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The experience is the topic of “Shatner in Space,” an hour-long special that will be available on Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday.

It delves into the October flight that made Shatner, 90, the oldest person to reach space, as well as the “developing friendship” between Shatner or Bezos, as described by the streaming service. The Amazon founder attributes his interest in space travel to “Star Trek.”

Shatner marvels at Blue Origin’s flight; Image from WHDH

Shatner, whose credits include “The Defenders,” “T.J. Hooker,” and “Boston Legal,” in addition to the original “Star Trek” sequel or films, wanted to be a part of Bezos’ Blue Origin launch last July, it’s first with passengers. However, Shatner equated joining Trip No. 2 to being named vice president when the Oval Office was the ultimate goal.

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In an Associated Press interview, he discussed his change of heart and the flight’s impact, shifting between a philosopher and blunt storyteller, at one point invoking the 1937 Hindenburg blimp explosion.

Humans are resistant to change, which is most likely part of our indigenous makeup. But change is happening at a breakneck pace, even faster than we anticipated. The tipping points of these changes have occurred in the last 50 years. And it will probably take longer than 50 years for humanity to say, “My God, the poles are melting.”

“You get the career you deserve,” someone once said. And, to put it another way, you get the life you deserve. You made a decision based on the information you had at the time. You liked him, you didn’t like him, and you wanted to live in the city.

Source: APN News

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