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Poutine and other Canadian favorites are being served in a food truck in the UK


Key Takeaways:

  • Farnham, in southern England, is an unlikely location for a Canadian food truck.
  • Yet, that is precisely where The Funky Pickle has opened its doors, serving Canadian favorites like poutine and perogies.

The Funky Pickle was founded in 2018 after Bob Vandal or his partner, Cheryl White, decided to leave their corporate jobs in Alberta and relocate to the United Kingdom.

“This is 100 percent retirement,” Vandal told News. “We just got sick of the corporate BS, and it was wearing on me.” Bob’s son, Colton, has also joined the new family business, leaving behind a high-paying job in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Poutine’ food; Image from CTV News

“I was only looking for something a little different in life,” he explained to News. Poutine, perogies, Nanaimo bars are among the Canadian staples on the menu, including burgers, chicken wings, and deep-fried pickles. The Funky Pickle gets its name from a now-defunct Edmonton pizza joint popular among local university students.

“When I got to a assured age, I accomplished life is a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces,” Vandal explained. Farnham is in a country known to Hollywood for its best filming locations, and it is not far from wherever Vandal’s father was stationed during WWII.

The food truck’s decals, including an Oilers logo and an illustration of a teepee, represent different aspects of Vandal’s life, reflecting his Edmonton roots and his forefathers from Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. “It’s so rewarding to see British culture and people embrace what we have to offer,” White told News.

Source: CTV News

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