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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Moderna has asked Health Canada to approve the COVID-19 vaccine for children


Key Takeaways:

  • Moderna’s application for approval of their “Spikevax” COVID-19 vaccine for children aged six to eleven has been received by Health Canada.

According to the federal government, the submission was received on Tuesday, and the review is being a priority alongside the ongoing examination of the Pfizer vaccine for children aged five to eleven.

“The Department will prioritize the examination of this submission, as it does with all COVID-19 vaccines while maintaining its high scientific standards for efficacy, safety, and quality,” Health Canada said in a statement. According to Health Canada, the pediatric vaccine will only be approved if a review of the data reveals that the benefits outweigh the risks for this age range.

“The assessment will involve a detailed review of clinical trial results, as well as other emerging data and information about COVID-19 and variations of concern affecting children in Canada,” according to the FDA.

Moderna claimed in a statement released last week to commemorate their submission to the European Medicines Agency for the two-dose series of its pediatric vaccine that results from its “KidCOVE” research shows the vaccination is effective in anticipating COVID-19 infections in children.

The Pfizer-BioNTech “Comirnaty” vaccination for children has been under consideration since mid-October, with Dr. Supriya Sharma, Canada’s senior medical adviser, telling reporters last Friday that the Pfizer injection might be approved in “one to two weeks.”

While there have been concerns about the rare risk of myocarditis and pericarditis associated with mRNA vaccines, Dr. Upton Allen, division head of infectious diseases at SickKids, says the rates of inflammation of the heart muscle or tissue inundating the heart after vaccination are higher in people aged 18 to 24 than in those aged 12 to 17.

During the discussion, Dr. Tali Bogler, a family physician and chair of family medicine obstetrics at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, noted that myocarditis is “far more common if you are infected with COVID-19.”

The safety and efficacy of the Moderna vaccination in children under the age of six are still being studied, and Health Canada says it expects to receive and assess new data for various age groups “in the coming months.”

Source: CTV News

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