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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kate and Harry’s hidden big fight to save Prince William

Kate and Harry's hidden big fight

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a new book, Prince William’s mental health deteriorated to the point where his wife and brother staged an “intervention.”
  • Prince William posed for some truly historical photos in 2015: A future King of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland at work.

In a paid position. You know, the kind of thing that comes with annoyed work colleagues, squabbles over entitlements, and chipped Nescafe mugs.

Unlike his monarchical forefathers, who spent their pre-throne years carousing through the best brothels of Paris (King Edward VII). Indulging in a blitzkrieg romance with a married woman (King Edward VIII), or even buggering off to Malta to play hausfrau (the Queen), William went out. Instead, he found gainful employment once he hit his twenties.

Everything appeared to be fine and dandy, and it seemed to be PR manna from heaven for Buckingham Palace’s mandarins: here was an heir to the throne dashing about saving lives every day.

Prince William and Prince Harry; Image from Cosmopolitan

However, according to a new book, that was far from the whole truth. William suffered from “deep” depression during this time, with things getting so bad that Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, held an “intervention” and even discussed with Prince Harry whether her husband could contemplate taking his own life.

During the couple’s sensational Oprah Winfrey TV interview in March, Meghan revealed that her mental health had suffered greatly after her marriage and that attempts to seek treatment had been rebuffed by a cold-blooded royal house. At one point, the former Suits star admitted, “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore.”

On this front, William, Harry, and Meghan are, sadly, abysmally average: two out of every three British people have experienced mental health issues.

What distinguishes the titled trio is that they are not just Lavina, Derrick, or Hugh: three of the world’s most famous people, with a massive global platform to reshape public thinking and government policy. That is, they are in a position to do something and have a tangible impact on one of our time’s most pressing societal challenges.


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