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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Taking over the real estate space in America is Julia Wang, a powerful and influential broker and entrepreneur

Julia Wang has garnered a lot of fame across social media platforms and turned into an influencer as well with her knowledge in real estate.

Much has already been said about entrepreneurs in the world that exude a high level of zealousness and passion when it comes to their areas of interest. The real estate industry is one where many of these success stories are born, as it is known as a space that only grows and expands as years pass by. Especially in the American markets, people are falling more for properties and also luxury homes, where they can live their dreams in life. Getting people nearer their goals for luxury homes and properties is Julia Wang, a high-performing real estate broker and entrepreneur, who has created a lot of buzz across social media platforms as well with her consistent posts and content on real estate and otherwise.

Julia Wang was born in 1984 in Maryland and grew up in Dallas. She did her schooling in Austin and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. She ventured into the field of marketing initially but learning more about the growth of the real estate world; her husband encouraged her to take the plunge in the same and turn into an influential real estate broker and entrepreneur.

To her credit, she made over $29 million in sales last year and so far as an accredited luxury home specialist has helped first-time buyers and families to find their desired properties and dream homes. In the process, Julia Wang has even represented many prominent investors, builders and developers. After gaining so much success and making possible million-dollar deals in the US real estate markets, Julia Wang is known as the astute mind who made possible the buying and selling of hundreds of properties in Houston and other parts on behalf of her clients.

In 2020, she founded and became the CEO of NextGen Real Estate, which is consistently growing with capturing many parts of Houston and is working towards gaining a long list of clientele, making optimum use of technology and social media platforms.

Speaking about her unique brokerage, Julia Wang says that her firm doesn’t believe in the traditional cookie-cutter brokerage. She has founded the firm with the aim to disrupt the current industry for the better and is working to make a revolution in the same. Her favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur today is that she doesn’t have to listen to anyone or follow anyone else’s rules.

To know more about this #1 voted realtor on social media, follow her on Instagram @juliawang_htx

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