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Just keep an eye on me, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Key Takeaways:

  • In good times, crawling through treacle might be an acceptable pace for the government, but these are hardly good times.
  • Only a few months ago, Justin Trudeau looked us in the eyes and declared that we were on the verge of the “most important election since 1945.”

However, it’s been a lot of meh since then.

What about the Liberal campaign? Meh. The outcome of the minority? Meh. Parliamentary recall? Meh. Speech from the throne? I’m not a fan. What is the difference between mandate letters and parliamentary committees? I’m still waiting for the blah. It’s almost as if Trudeau no longer wants the job.

Crawling through treacle might be an acceptable pace for the government in good times. But these are not happy times. Omicron is rapidly spreading. Like Omicron, wildfires are raging.

And, in the face of these extreme difficulties, what has Trudeau delivered? Meh, you guessed it.

The Olympics in Beijing? We’ll only send one diplomat. What is Bill 21? The people of Quebec should take action. What about monetary policy? That’s not my thing. What about booster shots? They’ve been purchased; now it’s up to the provinces to deliver.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Image from City Journal

Watching the “highlights” of his end-of-year interview, the only thing Trudeau is interested in doing is making the money printing machines go brrrrr

Worse, Trudeau’s mediocrity appears to be spreading. According to one shocking report this week, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland refuses to take briefings from her departmental officials.

Trudeau has made her Deputy Prime Minister and a hundred other things, but running the Department of Finance in a time of global crisis is something that needs to be done. As Omicron has demonstrated, there will be no abrupt return to easy street.

The pandemic will drag us along for months, if not years. Global supply chains will continue to sag and break. Russia and China will continue to look for cracks in the Western alliance to drive their wedges into.

Canada requires an engaged leader, a strong cabinet, a motivated civil service, and allies marching in lockstep to meet the challenges. Right now, Canada has a distracted leader, a Cabinet devoid of heroes, a civil service pining for Harper’s glory days, and allies who won’t even pick up the phone to talk to us. So let’s talk about blah.

Source: Ottawa citizen

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