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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Joshua Fletcher on anxiety’s weirdest symptom

There are many anxiety symptoms that can be labelled as weird. Physical symptoms that aren’t necessarily unusual on their own, but when linked to anxiety, might have you scratching your head. Symptoms like an aching jaw, bloating, increased sightings of ‘eye floaters’ to name just a few. 

But anxiety sufferer turned best-selling author, Joshua Fletcher explains that the weirdest and perhaps most severe symptom he has experienced is derealisation. 

“Derealisation refers to a feeling of detachment from objects or other people and, although sufferers are cognizant of their surroundings in the moment, it is often described as a dream-like state where life doesn’t quite feel real. In extreme cases, a distortion of sensory perception can occur, where vision becomes blurry, depth perception is compromised, and sounds are warped.”

You can find out more about derealisation and other symptoms of anxiety at

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