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Innate skills and passion have allowed Ahmad Mansour to become a prominent car rental business personality in Dubai

Ahmad’s brand Luxury Supercar Rentals has gone ahead others with their exclusive fleet of supercars, impressing everyone.

Enough has already been said about how youngsters have been trying to rule business industries across nations. We have already heard about many stories of how people took the chances, turned them in their stride and created a successful career. Still, it is sometimes essential to speak about many other professionals whose story teaches things more than one and inspires the gen-next with their journey. Ahmad Mansour has reached that position in life, where he is known as an owner of a growing car rental business in Dubai and has gained momentum as an actor, wishing to do many exciting new roles in the coming future.

Ahmad Mansour began his career in acting and grabbed roles in Channel Nines UNDERBELLY The Golden Mile and Channel Nine Rescue Special Ops. Ever since then, he worked in many TV series, short films, and feature films. On the one hand, he was growing as a performer in the film industries of Australia and Germany and on the other hand, he was also working upon pursuing a career in the business world with car rentals. In 2018, he relocated to Dubai and started his business with car rentals providing the industry-best and affordably rated luxurious cars.

While he travelled the world for work and holidays and rented cars for the same, he realized the growth of tourism and the business of car rentals in the Middle East. Hence, he decided to do something in the car rental business and initiated Luxury Supercar Rentals Dubai.

Defining success, Ahmad Mansour says it is when individuals know they have accomplished what they want to achieve and also know that people engage in talks about them and their business. It is when they see their names in the media and on the billboards on the highways they feel their journey has been worth taking risks. Many entrepreneurs may follow a certain formula to achieve success. Ahmad Mansour believes that for him, the formula is letting the money work for him to find newer ideas and investments and give people what they need; this he believes helps make individuals successful.

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