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For months, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been declining

President Joe Biden

The solution of Biden’s approval problems.

The election results this week were a slap in the face for Democrats. You’d think Biden’s presidency was over based on some of the analyses. Don’t be fooled. Sure, some of the issues are legitimate. However, things are not as awful as they appear, neither for the president nor the country. There’s still time to make the kinds of changes that may boost Biden’s chances.

According to the most recent poll, Biden has a 48% approval rating. That’s far from disastrous, even if the trend is pointing him in the wrong way. However, according to the study, 58% of those who say they “highly approve” of his work think he isn’t paying attention to the essential concerns.

The reduction in his support is significant, and it necessitates a change of strategy.

Biden needs to clear up certain misconceptions, particularly concerning economics, and reevaluate his positions on a few crucial topics. He has lost some of the support of those who saw him as a centrist leader who would work with leaders from both parties to restore a sense of normalcy and decency to the country and enhance the lives of middle-class Americans of all political stripes.

Even if you disagree with poll and believe that other, more negative polls present a more true image, keep in mind that first-year opinion surveys can be outliers. His approval dropped from 59% in February 1993 to just 37% four months later in Gallup polls. Clinton was re-elected, and his second term ended with a 61% approval rating.

Biden has just been in office for a year, but his chances are already brighter than they were just a few days ago, thanks to Congress’ approval of substantial infrastructure legislation.

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