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Dealing with a personalized approach has led to the success of plastic surgeon Dr Chad Deal.

Dr Chad Deal’s immaculate vision has helped him carve out a career as a businessman along with being an exquisite professional.

Excelling in the field of surgery is no mean feat; it is even a greater feat if one could turn the skill of surgery into a successful business. One plastic surgeon who attained this by adopting a customized, personal approach to his patients is Dr Chad Deal. Hailed as America’s leading cosmetic surgeon, Dr Chad Deal is an extraordinary visionary who has utilized his expertise to perfection. Falling in love with cosmetic surgery, he showcased courage and dedication to become a good surgeon. He won various awards in college including physics student of the year, math student of the year, along with inorganic and organic chemistry student of the year. He also scored a 4.0 average in pre-med. He emerged as a fantastic surgeon, working with many surgeons, across many hospitals.

Working at the top for many years, taught Dr Chad Deal the intricacies of running a successful business, and he realized that he possesses those skills to make it as a shrewd businessman. He launched his plastic surgery company named Southern Surgical Arts, which provides guidance and training to surgeons across the world. He created a robust work culture and took a personalized approach with his clients. He dealt with his clients personally, creating a repo, and relations with them. This approach reaped great dividends for Dr Deal and his firm, as it soared to astounding heights of success. In 2020, the firm rose its sales by 50 percent grossing around nine and a half million dollars. He led his employees from the front, making them valued and loved in the process.

Strong word of mouth also helped his cause, and he capitalized on it in the best way possible – social media. He realized the power of Instagram and the reach it has, actively posting videos of consultancy online, engaging with keen listeners about the perks of conducting a successful plastic surgery. In just two years, Dr Chad Deal transformed the company into the best cosmetic surgery companies in Tennessee and Georgia. He has operated on over 4800 cosmetic procedures and got certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), the American Board of Surgery (ABS), and the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Chad Deal’s immaculate vision to make the most of his surgical skills, led to him becoming one of the finest plastic surgeons in the USA.

To know more about his firm, visit the website, and follow him on Instagram @drhidef.ssa

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