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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Weather prediction for Canada and flooding happened in B.C.

Flooding happened in B.C.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Wednesday, the province of British Columbia on Canada’s Pacific coast announced a state of emergency.
  • In B.C., tens of thousands of people have been left without electricity, and military aircraft have started evacuating people from their homes and highways.

Flooding and mudslides triggered by hefty rainfall in British Columbia, Canada, have killed at least one person, and more are expected to die.

Late Monday, a lady’s body was discovered in one of the mudslides, and officials said they anticipate uncovering different bodies. Military helicopters have started removing people from houses and highways after tens of thousands of people were left without power.

Following record-breaking rain over southern British Columbia between Saturday and Monday, every major highway between the Lower Mainland where Canada’s third-largest city, Vancouver and washouts, flooding, or landslides have blocked off the province’s interior.

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“Torrential rains have resulted in horrific flooding that has disturbed the lives and taken the lives of people across B.C.,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated. “We’re deploying resources, such as the Canadian Armed Forces, to assist people, but we’ll also be there to help with the cleanup also rebuilding following these catastrophic weather occurrences.”

Premier John Horgan of British Columbia described the flooding as a once-in-a-500-year occurrence. “In the next days, we expect to confirm even more fatalities,” he said. The Canadian federal government announced that the air force would be dispatched to assist evacuations and supply lines.

On Sunday night, military helicopters assisted in evacuating roughly 300 individuals from a roadway where they were stuck in their automobiles due to a mudslide.

Mr. Horgan described it as a once-in-a-500-year occurrence. According to him, the state of crisis will include travel limitations to ensure that necessary products, medical care, and emergency services reach those who need them. He warned people against stockpiling commodities.


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