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Saturday, December 2, 2023

The shooting numbers in the Halifax region increased in 2021

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • At least seven individuals died due to gun brutality, police responded to 62 shootings.
  • Shootings increase in the Halifax region. 

People die to the shootings in the Halifax region: 

The number of shootings in the Halifax province soared the previous year. Still, the bases for the escalating gun brutality aren’t precise, and some state the repercussions are intricate and far-reaching.

Police replied to 62 shootings in 2021 — almost double any different year since 2015. At least seven individuals were killed in shootings the previous year, including an eight-year-old kid shot during haste hour.

MLA Angela Simmonds, the Liberal justice critic, desires the region to drill into why gun brutality has risen and perform a review that would look at systemic problems and the factors that contributed to the current rise.

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The number of shooting incidents increase in the Halifax region

“We can all imagine why, but there’s been no analysis. We have numbers,” she stated. Source –

She stated intergenerational trauma, mental health, and economically down communities — maybe even the economic pressure of the pandemic — could be contributing. So too could Halifax’s position as a port if more illicit weapons are entering the city.  Any review, Simmonds stated, should also understand how these things might play out in other parts of Nova Scotia. 

“If we have the same wide strokes for every community and every individual, then we’re not thinking regarding what this correlation of gun brutality is and the growth in violence.” Source –

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