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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Protesters against COVID-19 actions crowd in Enfield to see off Ottawa-bound convoy

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • The flag-waving crowd gathered at the Big Stop parking lot before Thursday.
  • Hundreds assembled at the Enfield, N.S., Big Stop to help truckers run to Ottawa to oppose public health grants.

Protestors support truckers headed to Ottawa: 

Few trucks were attending, but about 250 people turned up before sunrise in Enfield, N.S., to see off an Ottawa-bound convoy opposing COVID-19 public health orders.

Flag-waving allies holding placards bearing sayings including “Thank you truckers” and “True north strong and free” assembled in the Big Stop parking lot, and some lined Highway 102. The group chimed “freedom” and sang the national anthem at several moments. Source –

Another convoy of trucks and other automobiles led to Ottawa from western Canada. This weekend, it is anticipated to reach the capital, part of a protest against a federal vaccine order for truck drivers. 

The order, which took result Jan. 15, says that all Canadian cross-border essential workers, including truckers, must show vaccination at a port of access to avoid strict testing requirements and quarantine.

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Crowd protest against covid measures and see off Ottawa convoy

The new measures do not impact truckers touring within Canada. The United States has enforced a similar order, demanding that all U.S.-bound travelers show evidence they’ve had the needed shots.

This week, Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra stated that the government will not back down on its vaccine necessities and said the purpose is to save truck drivers and supply chains.

Supporters of the convoy at Enfield stated they weren’t against vaccines or masks but were against public health orders. 

Some of those present called media members “scum” and “communists.” Source –

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