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Ontario male sentenced of cheating Nova Scotia town of about $500K

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Key takeaways: 

  • The Town of Bridgewater was capable to retrieve the money.
  • Ayoola Ajibade has been sentenced to cheating the Town of Bridgewater, N.S.

A man from Ontario charged for cheating the town: 

An Uber driver from Brampton, Ont., has been sentenced to scam for attempting to trick the Town of Bridgewater, N.S., of almost half a million dollars.

Ayoola Ajibade was charged with posing as an executive with the large Nova Scotia firm Dexter Construction, and he convinced the town to make a direct, electronic payment of $490,930.43 to a Scotiabank branch in Brampton. But according to a judgment released Monday by Nova Scotia regional court Judge Paul Scovil, Ajibade’s plan began to untangle when he attempted to get the bank to make a $180,000 wire transfer to China.

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A guy from Ontario charged of cheating Nova Scotia town of almost $500K

The bank set a hold on the transfer while it investigated. According to proof at Ajibade’s trial, Scotiabank reached the Town of Bridgewater and Dexter Construction. They decided that the bank account in Brampton was owned by Ajibade and had no relation to the construction firm.

Ajibade, who testified in his defence, told the court a report of being approached by a man called Andrew in Nigeria. Ajibade stated he did not know Andrew or his last name. According to Ajibade’s affidavit, Andrew requested him to assist an acquaintance, Joshua — again, Ajibade didn’t know his last name or connection information — purchase a business. Ajibade approved.

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