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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Nova Scotia set immigration history in 2021

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • Comings slowed in 2020 due to the outbreak but recovered the previous year.
  • Mandeep and Rimple Dhunna moved to Nova Scotia in 2007; Bhawna Sharma, with her daughters Gauri and Stuti Sharma, came in 2021; Wellington Osazuwa also came in 2021.

New record set for Nova Scotia as immigrations increase: 

When Rimple Dhunna came to Nova Scotia in 2007, he didn’t meet another Indian individual for two months.

“There was not a huge neighborhood when I came,” Dhunna stated. “I could count the Indian households on fingers.” Source –

Much has altered since then.

Little almost 1,000 newcomers were moving to Nova Scotia per year, on average, in the early 2000s, but immigration has been on the pitch more lately.

There were 7,500 comings in 2019, making it a record-setting year. That record was smashed the previous year again.

In 2021, 9,020 new permanent citizens settled in the region — a statistic the local government released this week. 

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Immigration numbers smashing records in 2021

Dhunna stated he sees the proof of that every day in the growing Indian society in Halifax. He operates a Facebook group for Indian newcomers to the region, with almost 16,000 members.

One of the latest members of that community is Bhawna Sharma. Initially from Delhi, India, she went to Halifax with her spouse and two young daughters before February.

In-demand jobs targeted

Sharma’s way to Canadian living was paved by a regional immigration program for early childhood educators. There aren’t sufficient of them to meet a need in Nova Scotia, so the region opened a targeted immigration stream in 2018 to assist employers with global recruitment.

There are parallel streams for several other in-demand professions, including continuing care aides, nurses, and medics.

“I heard and I read that no one gets a flat, [especially] new people when they don’t have a credit record or don’t have a fair score.… But my property manager was super good,” Sharma expressed.  Source –


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