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Nova Scotia maple producers meeting weeks of a clearout after an ice storm

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Key takeaways: 

  • Farm landlords say they require additional staffers to remove sap lines.
  • Hutchinson Acres in Lake Paul, Kings County, mourned significant harm to their sugar bush and maple lines after an ice storm on Friday. 

The Maple producers face cleanups after a winter storm: 

The region’s recent ice storm has dumped some maple producers in Nova Scotia, meeting complex and lengthy cleanups during a critical season and increasing worldwide need for sweet syrup.

Chris Hutchinson and his spouse, Anna, have possessed Hutchinson Acres in Lake Paul, Kings County, since 2004.  Their sugar bush, directly in the region’s middle, got some of the most severe amounts of icy rain on Friday.

When they went the approximately 11 kilometers from their residence in East Dalhousie to check out the farm Saturday, Chris stated he’d never witnessed “anything like it” in his life.

“It’s just destruction everywhere; there are trees down, there are limbs down. So much of it is right in the tubing system,” Chris told Sunday alongside Anna.

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The maple producers facing cleanups after ice storm hits the region

The pair has a large operation, with nearly 500 kilometers of tubing to provide the sap from 60,000 taps. 

The Hutchinson’s aren’t quite sure of the size of their issues yet because they told it’s been too risky to go into the core of the 364-hectare farm, but what they can notice is not acceptable.

“Everything is just like your power lines; they’re all hanging. And that’s not right if you’re attempting to operate a sugar bush,” Chris stated. Source –

Although the tubing system is “resilient,” and Chris said he’s not too nervous regarding the ongoing damage on the lines, it will still take a long time to soften and clear the excess sap and frost frozen within the pipes. Source –

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