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Nova Scotia Health to permit more visitors, but unvaccinated will face obstructions

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Key takeaways: 

  • Staff will permit unvaccinated visitors on a case-by-case basis.
  • Three individuals can now be called as supports for kids in a hospital in Nova Scotia, but only two can visit at a time. 

Problems for Unvaccinated remain in place: 

Nova Scotia Health says most visitors to its structures will still have to verify they’ve been vaccinated, even after the region drops its COVID-19 constraints on March 21.

Visitor limitations will gradually be eased beginning Monday, with more individuals permitted inside. But most of those who are unvaccinated will be diverted away for the foreseeable fate.

“The majority of our patients are weak,” stated Andrew Heighton, the director of the COVID reaction for the eastern zone.

“We do want to take a prudent approach knowing that visitation is key to patients’ recovery, progress in their condition.”

The new regulations will let up to five designated support individuals for palliative care patients and those experiencing medical help in dying, with three being allowed to visit at a time.

Children admitted to the hospital, patients in critical care, and individuals giving birth will be permitted to have three support people, but only two will be let in at a time.

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Hospitals of Nova Scotia to now allow more visitors

Heighton told health authority units to meet daily to examine the rules, but they haven’t decided when to let pre-pandemic entry to facilities.

“We do understand the patients and their families, their frustrations over the previous two years.”

Less capacity

Over the prior few weeks, the number of the team off because of COVID or exposures has dropped. A February 28 report showed 305 workers were off across the region.

Heighton said the health authority is nevertheless working at a decreased capacity because of many lacks.

“We still have service declines going on at various sites across the region. We still have a team in numbers off; they’re unfit to work due to exposures. We still have in-patients coming in with COVID-19.”

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