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Nova Scotia drops distancing conditions between restaurant tables

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • The move will let restaurants expand the number of tables they have.
  • Luc Erjavec, Restaurant Canada’s vice-president for the Atlantic province, states most restaurants in Nova Scotia are still running at a loss. 

Restrictions dropped for maintaining distance between tables in restaurants: 

Nova Scotia’s restaurant enterprise no longer obeys rigid distancing constraints between tables.

The move comes days after the region increased capacity limitations to 75 percent but still needed two meters of distance between tables.

Luc Erjavec, the vice-president of Atlantic for Restaurants Canada, states that the capacity growth didn’t alter a thing for most businesses. He told me most restaurants in Nova Scotia didn’t have the room to add more tables while keeping them two meters apart.

“That’s essentially we’re going to be stuck at 50 until the same end, and at 50 percent, it’s just almost unattainable to serve all our consumers and be beneficial,” stated Erjavec. Source –

Now, he stated, inspectors will concentrate on capacity numbers instead of spacing. The region quietly dropped the two-meter distancing provision between tables.

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Distancing between tables dropped by the Nova Scotia government

“This is a big difference,” he stated. “Hand it to government; they heard.” Source –

While the move is being praised as a step ahead, one restaurateur said he’s not about to add many tables overnight. Ryan Wolfe is co-owner of Julep, Hermitage, and Unchained Kitchen Halifax businesses.

Julep opened in June of 2019 when Wolfe expected a bustling, lively restaurant. He stated that COVID-19 placed an instantaneous killjoy on that atmosphere, and they’re worried about getting that back.

“There’s nothing better than walking into a restaurant [where] individuals are joyful, they’re giggling, they’re smiling,” stated Wolfe. “It just kind of feels complete.” Source –

As much as he desires that feeling to return, Wolfe said he would rely on his consumers to help choose their comfort level over the following few weeks.

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