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MacKay, Macdonald bridge toll upsurge postponed by one day

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Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Individuals who utilise the bridge pay for the bridge.’
  • Halifax Harbour Bridges gathers approximately $33 million in tolls in a normal year.

Bridge toll increase to be delayed by one day:  

Individuals who still use cash to cross the Halifax harbour bridges will get another day ere the cost to cross goes up 25 cents, Halifax Harbour Bridges stated in a tweet Monday. 

The fee was assumed to grow on Monday, but the Crown corporation hindered the growth till Tuesday. Representative Steve Proctor stated in an email the uncertainty was due to a “simple computer glitch” and will be resolved by Tuesday.  Source –

A toll spike that was supported by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board means drivers crossing the Macdonald or MacKay bridges will have to pay $1.25 if they’re using cash, up from a dollar. Passenger automobiles utilising a Macpass will pay a dollar rather than 80 cents.

The growth for commercial vehicles will be 25 per cent per axle.

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Bridge toll increase delayed by one day

This is the first toll growth on the bridges in a decade, and Halifax Harbour Bridges states it is required to retain the bridges.

The growth funds a $285 million, a 10-year plan of upkeep and restorations, states Proctor.

“So, without this increase, we wouldn’t be able to do the repairs that keep the bridges running safely and efficiently,” he stated. Source –

Component of the $285-million budget will go to concrete restorations, steel and paint repairs, concrete structure repair and overpass maintenance. Proctor stated there is also cash set aside for a coming move to an all-electronic toll system.

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