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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Inverness County is the inaccurate location for a 15-turbine wind farm; say, citizens

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Key takeaways: 

  • The offered project would place 15 wind turbines on the hills along the west coast of Cape Breton.
  •  A submitted wind farm for the west coast of Cape Breton has 15 turbines.

Citizens of Nova Scotia’s Inverness County are growing worried regarding an offered wind farm that would get 15 turbines to the hills between Highway 19 and Trans-Canada Highway 105 along the island’s west coast.

David Hart is the Route 19 Community Association representative. About 200 citizens fought against the project because it is “incompatible with the district’s existing social and cultural and economic characteristics and the local environment.” 

Hart said the group has been running door to door with pamphlets along the coast from Hastings to Judique, requesting people to visit their website to know more about the suggested project and get involved with a letter-writing campaign. 

“Our task is to maintain and enhance the quality of life and overall ensure the characteristics of our community and province are protected,” Hart said. 

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The offered project would place 15 wind turbines on the hills along the west coast of Cape Breton

Though Hart stated the group isn’t objected to wind power or green energy, he said the plan is “clearly the wrong project in the wrong place.”

“It’s just a case of setting the right project in the right place. Hart stated that this one does not belong along the seacoast of Inverness County,” Hart stated. 

15 turbines offered 

Community Wind Farms Inc. is developing the Rhodena Wind project with ABO Wind Canada in reaction to Nova Scotia’s Rate Base Procurement program for low-carbon and low-cost energy.

According to the website, the project would be made “especially on Crown land and private land where we have the landowner’s consent,” according to the website. The developers calculate that the project would have 100 megawatts of power.

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