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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Increased waters back to Sydney’s flood area

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • Routes and businesses were forced to close down after severe rainfall over the weekend and Tuesday.
  • Floodwaters increased Tuesday close to Alma’s Family Hair Salon in Sydney after around 70 millimeters of rain fell over the zone in the previous four days. 

Weighty rain fell on the area, and businesses were forced to shut down: 

Alma Head is concerned regarding what another enormous storm would mean for her business.

By early Tuesday morning, floodwaters had increased over the steps of her Sydney, N.S., hair salon. 

And for the second time in shorter than five days, the salon’s entrance was intercepted off and told clients to reschedule. 

“I have a lot of teams that have kids, and they ought to work, and I need to work,” stated Head, who owns and runs Alma’s Family Hair Salon on Morrison Street. Source –

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Weighty rain and high waters causes business and roads to close down

“And when you’re not opening a couple of days a week, it hurts.” Source –

On Saturday, approximately 30 millimeters of rain arrived down mixed with thawing snow and ice. At least another 50 millimeters dropped overnight and into Tuesday morning.  

Since shifting to Sydney’s south end almost 15 years ago, Head stated she’d been caused to close her doors four to five times a year due to flooding.

But nothing reaches the flash flooding that occurred on Thanksgiving Day in 2016 when dozens of individuals were forced to run from houses, businesses, and community centers. 

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