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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Four areas are authorized for homeless camping in the Halifax province

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Key takeaways: 

  • Two municipal parks and two green areas are used by people undergoing homelessness.
  • The map shows the selected camping places for people experiencing homelessness.

Two places in Halifax and two areas in Dartmouth have been authorized for people undergoing homelessness to camp.

On Tuesday, Halifax provincial council voted unanimously in favor of permitting camping at Lower Flinn Park in Halifax, a green area on Barrington Street between Cornwallis and North streets, a green space on Geary Street in Dartmouth, and Green Road Park in Dartmouth.

“We’re going to make a discrepancy. It’s a lot of work. 

And we always have to keep in mind those who require our help, who have no place to sleep. That’s what it’s about,” Mayor Mike Savage stated before the vote.

According to a staff report, the areas would let 30-plus people “sleep rough in the community.” According to the report, more than several people are now sleeping in parks.

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Two places in Halifax and two areas in Dartmouth have been authorized for people undergoing homelessness to camp

An extra 616 people are on a list for funded housing.

The places were chosen because they met specific criteria, including being 50 meters away from schools, daycares, playgrounds, or cemeteries. They’re also relatively close to public washrooms and public transit.

Concerned councilors

People camping in these areas will be anticipated to follow municipal codes like noise bylaws and a prohibition on fires. Municipal compliance officers will be requested to enforce this, not Halifax Regional Police. 

“Halifax Regional Police (HRP) should not be an immediate answer to many homelessness problems. HRP should be concentrated on the prevention and resolution of crime,” the report said.

Councilors brought up many problems about the plan, including confusion regarding park locations, how the police would be concerned, and the total number of people camping.

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