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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Almost 300 Ukrainian refugees landed in Halifax

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • 3rd federally chartered plane to get families escaping war in Ukraine to Canada.
  • Almost 300 Ukrainians came to Halifax on Thursday night. 
  • A big group welcomed them at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. 

Almost 300 Ukrainian refugees landed in Nova Scotia on Thursday night.

After going through customs and immigration, the 319 individuals were met by a welcoming group with sunflowers and small Canadian flags, Ukrainian flags, Nova Scotia flags, tartan, and chocolate bars. Leanne Arnott from Liverpool, N.S., is hosting a household. She sported a sunflower hat and a green dress so the people coming would be able to spot her fast.

“I think the day’s wickedness struck me on the drive up here. I’ve been speaking to [other hosts] since 4:30 this morning, making sure all my crowds made it to the airport,” she stated. 

“… I have to say the town of Liverpool, Queens County, has come together as a community to help Ukrainian families.”

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Almost 300 Ukrainian refugees landed in Nova Scotia on Thursday night

The airplane, which left from Warsaw, Poland, earlier in the day, was a bit delayed. The third federally chartered plane was to get those escaping the war to Canada.

The two other planes got more than 600 Ukrainian refugees to Winnipeg and Montreal in May. Lyubov Zhyznomirska, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress president, was at the terminal early to meet people. 

“We have to recall that over 14 million people are replaced, and we are greeting 300 here, and we will provide a haven to them as Nova Scotians,” she stated.

“I am thrilled because we get to meet people we’ve been readying to meet… We will finally know their requirements. We will finally know how we can help and how we can create a connection with the community.”

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