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The 16-year-old “Sierra Levesque” is big name in the Ottawa Valley music star

16-Year-Old "Sierra Levesque"

On a quiet suburban street in Pembroke, Ontario, you’ll never find 16-year-old Sierra Levesque shaking the walls of her family’s basement and playing music every night.

The eleventh grader was not like most children his age. Instead, he spends most weekends at concerts at bars and restaurants in the valley. She finishes most afternoons after school writing songs, taking music lessons, or teaching online music classes in college. “My short-term goal is hopefully going to Berkeley College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts to do the music business and get a songwriting degree,” says Levesque.

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A lofty goal for an Ottawa Valley musician, but his dreams fly so much higher.

“Her big dream is to be a rock musician, record a few albums, go on tour,” Levesque told CTV News Ottawa, smiling widely. “It’s a big dream right now.”

Oh, and she loves heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll. “Well, she grew up heavy metal and classic rock with her dad,” said the 16-year-old rocker. “They have heard it on our way home since I was a child; Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, too many from the 80s.

“You know, at first, she had no choice because she was a baby. “But she always plays his music may be louder than the old man usually does, hoping that one day we won’t argue about what music we play, and she’ll agree with his dad.”

Well, that strategy worked because Stefan admitted that his daughter could name more classic rock bands than she could right now. Young Levesque says she is getting older with Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry as a musical influence. Still, Anne and Nancy Wilson of Heart have a Levesque’s heart and regularly spoil their Crazy On You covers.

“There’s a lot of questionable song choices,” Levesque said of audience comments after the show.

“People say, ‘Wow, she didn’t know you knew this song.’ In early 2019, Levesque recalled 98 concerts in Ottawa and the Valley. Her solo tour was canceled in 2020, but the musician has recorded about 35 live shows this year and hopes to hit 60 by the end of 2021. She’s even found time to play the national anthem at the Ottawa Senators, Redblacks, 67s, and Pembroke Lumber Kings Games.

Levesque says her daughter has everything she needs to make her dream come true; Talent, passion, and hard work. As a parent, Levesque knew that realizing a rock star dream was difficult. But, like all parents, he has complete faith.

“A lot of people are talented, but we know Sierra is working harder, if not harder, than anyone to put this opportunity on their side, and we are very proud of them.”

Source: CTV News

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