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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Covid pandemic is a “disaster” for arts and culture

arts and culture

Key Takeaways:

  • According to one study, the arts, culture, and heritage sectors suffered “catastrophically” during the pandemic.
  • According to the University of Sheffield report, the industry’s output dropped by 60% due to the restrictions.

Approximately 55 % of jobs 450,000 people were furloughed in the sector, ranking second only to hospitality and far exceeding the national average of 16 %.

South Yorkshire was also discovered to be one of the hardest-hit locations. Professor Vanessa Toulmin, director of the city also culture and chair in the early film also a famous performance at the University of Sheffield, stated, “This landmark statement reveals how social distancing also lockdowns have had a catastrophic consequence on the finances of people who work in the sector, as well as businesses and venues, over the last 18 months.”

“Jobs have been lost, businesses and venues have closed, and the economic impact has had a severe impact on the mental health also the wellbeing of people working in the industry across the UK.”

The research focused on the impact in South Yorkshire, although it was done in the context of a larger national picture. It was discovered that the pandemic had the most significant impact on freelancers’ mental health, with 76.5 % reporting a decline in their mental health.

Event crew, lighting, and sound engineers reported worsening mental health than other respondents, with 53.8 % indicating their mental health had gotten “far worse,” compared to 25.5 % on average. The worst-affected industries were cinema, theatre, museums, and historical sites, while others, such as computer gaming, software, book publishing, television broadcasting, and libraries, fared better.

According to the report’s authors, the findings that South Yorkshire was one of the hardest hit were attributed to the fact that it had the most significant share of jobs in the severely beaten sub-sectors of arts, culture, and heritage.

Source: BBC News

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