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What it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur, according to Wealth Coach Marcus Blandin

The journey to the top of the mountain starts at the base. And while the climb to the top is tough, keep in mind that the peak is a lonely place. In any business, it’s important to remember those who helped you to climb to the top. Remember your roots, and remember to help those who are less fortunate. This is the motto that businessman and mentor, Marcus Blandin swears by.

Blandin started from the very bottom and rose to the top. Today, he is the founder of several major thriving businesses and is worth millions. As a two-time bestselling author, he mentors potential business people using his own life story to illustrate his points.

“I created Millionaires International solely to help people grow and succeed. I teach potential entrepreneurs all I know about business, financial literacy, and more,” said Marcus.

He also found the Wealthy Mindset University for providing courses financial literacy courses to students. As an award-winning consultant, mentor, and wealth coach, Marcus owns several companies apart from the one mentioned above, such as Conversion REI, FYI Business & Financial Solutions, etc. To share his tips and techniques more easily and widely, Marcus has also written two books – ‘Good Credit is Cool, Great Credit is Sexy’ and ‘Monetize your Motivation’ – both of which are no. 1 bestsellers. In them are distilled all his secrets.

Inspired by the conditions he faced when he was young and poor, Marcus engages in philanthropic endeavors that focus on distributing knowledge and help, as widely as possible among the underprivileged of the community. Thus far, he has helped around 50 girls achieve over three million dollars’ worth of scholarships to go to college. He also regularly mentors young people to better their life, and has initiated over 500 toys, food, and other forms of giveaways at orphanages.

Since he is very popular in the business consultancy circles, he is much sought after by clients. He has had the experience of teaching thousands of business people. He had an almost unheard-of success, and he has helped his clients build their brands and businesses from scratch and upscale them. Along with his philanthropic efforts to help those around him live better lives, he has a reputation for having nearly infinite knowledge in his field.

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