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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Trudeau’s Washington visit begins in the Capitol for a purpose

Trudeau's Washington visit

Key Takeaways:

  • The White House is the center of attention.
  • However, the most severe conflict between Canada and the United States is taking place abroad.

When a Canadian prime minister travels to Washington. It’s unavoidable that his visit to the White House will collect the most excellent attention a fact of cross-border politics as enduring as the recycling of JFK lines and old jokes about mice sleeping with elephants.

This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in Washington for a two-day visit, culminating in meetings with Joe Biden and Mexico on Thursday.

This time, however, one of the essential tales in continental relations could be unfolding a day early, a dozen blocks east of the White House. On Wednesday, Trudeau will meet with congressional leaders from the Senate and the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill.

There, Democrats are putting the finishing touches on significant legislation with both domestic and international repercussions. This nearly $2 trillion US package will be Joe Biden’s most momentous legislative move.

One element, in particular, has Canadian policymakers worried: a tax credit for electric vehicles that favors automobiles built in the United States, causing Ottawa to warn of job losses, disrupted supply networks, and a retreat from six decades of auto-production cooperation.

In Washington, there is another Joe with clout. The crucial American to persuade isn’t always a White House official. Another Joe, who works on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, could decide the fate of this law.

There’s a reason he attracts a swarm of congressional reporters who follow him around and record everything he says about the bill. After all, he has the power to decide the fate of legislation with a multi-year cost that exceeds Canada’s annual gross domestic product.

Instead, the White House has deferred the issue to the courts for the time being: Biden’s spokesperson stated that he would not take any action until the case is resolved in court.

On Tuesday, a Michigan court turned down the state government’s request to try the lawsuit in a county court. Instead, according to the judge’s decision, the case includes constitutional issues and Canadian ties and should be heard in federal court.

Source: CBC NEWS

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