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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Nova Scotia to bump up the lowest salary to $13.35 an hour

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • The growth will take result April 1.
  • The Nova Scotia lowest salary review committee is also suggesting a growth to $13.60 on Oct. 1, and a way to a $15 minimum salary by 2024.

Nova Scotia sets the minimum wage for an hour: 

The lowest salary in Nova Scotia will increase 40 cents to $13.35 an hour beginning April 1, the region declared Thursday.

A press release stated the government has taken the suggested growth put along by the Nova Scotia minimum wage review committee.

“The government has a position in fixing a fair minimum wage rate and independent business owners have the option to set a competitive rate to attract and retain workers,” Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston stated in the release. Source –

The committee’s proposals also have a further boost to $13.60 on Oct. 1, and a way to a $15 minimum salary by 2024.

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Nova Scotia to set the minimum wage for an hour at $13.35

The region said it is aiming for more stakeholder input before determining those suggestions.

“I want to speak with the members of the committee and hear more from workers and businesses before taking action,” stated Houston. Source –

A report unleashed in November showed Nova Scotians require a much more increased income than the present minimum salary of $12.95 to afford to live in this region. 

The Nova Scotia branch of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives — an independent, non-partisan research institute — saw the living hourly wage varies from $18.45 to $22.05, relying on location.

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