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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Non-profit requests HRM for $1.1M to construct a marina at Sheet Harbour

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • The Association president states the task would get financial advantages.
  • Sheet Harbour Marina Association is in the procedure of buying the East River Wharf. 

Non-profit group to construct a marina at Sheet Harbour: 

A non-profit group desires to construct a full-service marina in Sheet Harbour, N.S., and is looking for $1.1 million in monetary help from the Halifax province.

The Sheet Harbour Marina Association is purchasing the East River Wharf.

The site was selected because it’s near the harbor’s mouth and can be extended to adjust 50 to 70 boats.

The association president told Halifax’s audit and finance committee on Wednesday that the marina would draw boaters to the place and mean the building of a boardwalk that is a much-needed public convenience.

“Most individuals in the region do not have entry to the waterfront,” stated Marilyn Munroe. “And in my lifetime, I would adore seeing the tall ships sail into Sheet Harbour.” Source –

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Non-profit asks HRM for $1.1M to support construct marina at Sheet Harbour

The association’s vice-president also spoke regarding the financial advantages of the tourism made by a marina, especially with its closeness to what’s known as 100 Wild Islands.

“In total, there are approximately 600 islands that lie off the coast from Clam Harbour to Liscombe,” stated Sandy Mosher. Source –

The entire cost tag of $3.5M

The regional councilor backs the project.

“I think this is the perfect spot, an ice-free harbor, centrally located, and all the services open in town,” stated David Hendsbee. Source –

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