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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

N.S. cannabis firm’s German growth inhibited by COVID-19 limitations, crises

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • Aqualitas Inc. has been moved to lay off 7 workers.
  • An Aqualitas worker shows some of the cannabis grown at the Queens County facility. 

Aqualitas’s German expansion was stunted by Covid-19: 

A Nova Scotia cannabis firm’s growth into the German market has been temporarily hindered by pandemic travel limitations and problems over the Omicron variant.

Aqualitas Inc. was moved to lay off seven workers the previous month because German federal inspectors have been incapable to visit its growing facility in Brooklyn on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

The licensed producer became well known for producing cannabis organically in tanks whole of koi fish — a method known as aquaponics — in a portion of the former Bowater paper mill.

Founder Myrna Gillis stated the firm harvests thousands of kilograms per year, around 30 per cent of which is marketed in Nova Scotia.

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Nova Scotia’s Aqualitas’s German expansion hindered by covid crises and all the restrictions

But Gillis stated an agreement to market cannabis to Cannamedical Pharma GmbH, a medical cannabis wholesaler based in Cologne, could almost double production, to deal an extra 5,000 kilograms yearly.

“We’d have to grow to meet the full agreement obligation, and we certainly plan to do that if the numbers warrant it,” Gillis stated. Source –

“We have sufficient capacity to take that contract, what we expect to be the initial numbers, likely between 1,000 and 1,500 kilograms to start.” Source –

Gillis stated she employed 13 more teams to cover that growth, but without a site inspection by German officials, the exports have not occurred. The initial hold was induced by Canadian travel regulations demanding a hotel quarantine in Toronto, followed by required isolation for two weeks in Nova Scotia.

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