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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Meet Pranav Arora, the 27-year-old Multipreneur taking the Business World by Storm

There is a huge list where Pranav Arora serves as the Chairman, Member of the Board of Directors, Founder and much more.

Whoever said that people must only focus on one thing in life to attain success were incorrect, or perhaps lacked the right experiences in life, for there are high-performing entrepreneurs and multipreneurs spread across the world who prove them wrong by becoming an owner of multiple businesses. Some of them have done this while still in their twenties, and this comes as a huge feat to achieve coming from the younger brigade. Speaking about these incredibly talented business owners, we cannot miss mentioning the successes of Pranav Arora, who has never failed to give his best in all that he has ever done in his life so far.

Pranav Arora has been rigorously and passionately contributing to the business world with his incredible business ventures as a 27-year-old based in the US. He says everything for him has been about the drive, passion, experience and in-depth knowledge that has helped him heavily contribute to the world of business in areas like media, finance and much more. He has a proven track record of success, from starting everything as a 16-year-old to reaching thus far as a 27-year-old with his highly successful businesses.

Besides being the CEO of JMTD Holdings and the Head of Division of Just Funky, where the former is a private equity firm offering capital and value-added partnerships to top companies while working with their different teams to execute growth strategies, and the Head of Division of the latter, which is a family-owned premier manufacturer of licensed and private label merchandise for the mainstream retail market, he also heads up special projects and oversees different units and divisions of Just Funky. Additionally, he is the sole founder of Stunned Mind, which he launched in 2015 as the sister e-commerce company of Just Funky, and which is already on its way to becoming a top company in the niche. 

Just Funky also power two companies in the FinTech space, Deciph-AR and NFT Merch. Pranav Arora is a partner at a number of companies, including ILG Property Investors and PSSR Holdings. Not just that, he is also a philanthropist, supporting many meaningful causes while being the Chairman of the Board for The Arora Foundation, working for the underprivileged and marginalized communities. He is also a part of many other organizations.

Pranav Arora (@pranavarora), even after contributing so much to the business world, still thinks he has just begun.

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