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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Christmas tree shortage in Canada during festivals

Christmas tree shortage in Canada

Due to the amount of production vs. demand, Canadians who wish to enjoy the festivals with a properly plucked Christmas tree this year may have to do some compromises.

Due to rising demand, tree farms are trying to keep up, and adverse weather has further limited the number of fresh, live Christmas trees available this season. “It can take anything at all from 10 to 12 years to get from seed to harvest.”

According to Brennan, many tree farms decided not to expand their services during the 2008 recession, and since then, land prices have risen significantly, limiting chances for growth. The increase in demand appears to have come from a variety of sources.

Last year, Christmas tree farmers faced a similar situation, which Brennan believes was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as families stayed at home rather than visiting relatives. Unfortunately, it’s a scenario that could happen again this season.

However, demand isn’t the only issue. Weather has also not been kind. “In the middle of June of 2018, there was a severe frost in Nova Scotia, and it destroyed not only seedlings but grown trees,” Brennan explained. “We saw the same kind of frost weather in Quebec in 2021.” “We’ve also seen hot temperatures in the West.

This year has been terrible in British Columbia. “In terms of wildfires, British Columbia is having one of its bad years on record.

Aside from the threat of destruction, such weather events could potentially delay tree growth by several years, affecting further impacts supply. Brennan offered advice on keeping a tree fresh for those who plan to buy one early before supplies run out. Due to the shortage, Canadians may have to step outside their comfort zone this holiday season when it comes to collecting the perfect tree for their living rooms.

Source CTV

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