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Brands Partner With Youtube and Instagram Personality, Khaled Mazeedi, As They Look to Reach Authentic Audiences

Brands scroll through thousands of social media posts looking to partner with the most authentic influencers that can elevate their exposure and reach. In an age where most anyone who posts on Instagram can claim to have the ability to help brands grow- and have greater influence, maybe that’s exactly what brands should not be looking for.  

Khaled Mazeedi may not be the best influencer, but he has enormous character, the swagger of a gentleman and the marketing expertise of a SEO guru.

The Youtuber/instagrammer has a combined following of 6 million people, and when it comes to social media he follows his own rules. Mazeedi, also a style icon, emulates the modus operandi of a chicer generation of dress, and is often seen posting images of high waist double pleated pants, silk shirts with baroque patterns, often holding boutique cigar blends, “a sign of true style” he says.

Growing up in a city where shorts and sandals are the norm, the Kuwaiti native chooses to be— chic and tasteful, and dresses with thought and purpose.

“Most people think of me only as a social media personality, but the truth is I don’t identify myself with what I do, I am comfortable in my own skin, and I wear what I feel “ Mazeedi says.

“There’s very little class, the way men dress nowadays,” Mazeedi says. “I’m bringing back elegance, class and sophistication with the clothes I wear, and I like to share that on my Instagram and Youtube”.

After investing in Bitcoin brought him a massive return, Mazeedi shaped his online persona, by sharing his luxury lifestyle with his growing number of followers. Iconic photos behind the wheel of his exotic cars with tailored three-piece suits attracted the attention of various fashion brands that resonated with his identity. He has represented brands like Brioni, Canali, Tom Ford and recently, Lamborghini, as an ambassador. Much of the brands he collaborates with have pure Italian DNA. Tom Ford, though American, spent over a decade at the helm of Gucci. 

Mazeedi launched his Youtube channel in 2017 and further added to his repertoire of influencing capabilities, creating authentic content that further resonated with brands. He is set to launch various reality TV shows on his channel including a remake of the popular show “Shark Tank”.  

Though initially, he says he was camera shy, Mazeedi became comfortable being on screen after only a few videos, and now enjoys uploading popular videos and posts on social media. 

Mazeedi says the key takeaway is authenticity, knowing how to reach new audiences, having a good personality, and having a unique style. Having these four elements makes you brandable and positions you as a lucatative partner for the best of brands. But, he claims the most important skill is to know how to market, generate leads and sales for these brands. 

“If you bring brands sales, that’s all that matters, an influencer is, ultimately, a vessel for brands. I focus on my marketing game and develop and apply many marketing techniques through my profiles that generates sales for their products, and this is what they really want”

It’s only been a few short years since Mazeedi began posting on social media, and as his following continues to grow, brands will continue collaborating with him and others who have cornered certain audiences on social media. As the industry is set to spend over $18 billion in partnerships by 2022, industry leading influencers will have an increasing number of new opportunities to earn additional income, most definitely with a great return of investment.

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