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Amazon presents package pickup businesses across Canada

amazon in Canada

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon Counter will provide customers with access to hundreds of Counter locations across Canada.
  • Amazon Counter, a new network of staffed pickup stations for consumers designed at giving an alternative manner of obtaining items, launched in Canada on Wednesday.

According to the release, “Amazon designed and built the technology for Amazon Counter from the ground up, resulting in a faster and simpler package pickup experience.”

According to Mike Strauch, Amazon Canada’s country manager, the company has “leveraged Amazon’s growing logistics network” to introduce an “innovative or convenient” way for customers to ship and receive packages outside of their homes.

“The network is also part of our proceeding commitment to supporting businesses across Canada by providing another way for them to bring in new customers and offer something new to their existing customers,” he says. According to the release, delivery to a counter location is also available for millions of items sold on Amazon Canada or works with two-day and one-day shipping at no extra cost.

According to the release, Counter hosts a simple and user-friendly technology that aims to help store associates serve customers without disrupting their daily activities.

Amazon package pickup businesses
Amazon package pickup businesses; Image from Digital Trends

“Bringing this network to Canada is yet another example of Amazon investing in communities and local businesses,” according to the press release. “Amazon will continue to expand this parcel pickup network across the country or is actively seeking new business partners.”

According to the news release, Afzal Khan, owner of Electroshack Computer & Cellphone Repair in Vaughan, Ont., believes that offering the new service will benefit both business and customers.

“We see regular customers more frequently and add new customers daily,” Khan said. “Every time they arrive in to pick up or drop off their packages, they learn about the unique electronic repair services we offer the community.”

Counter provides us with consistent revenue and an element of old-fashioned relationship-based business in this competitive age. But, unfortunately, we could never have afforded the advertising that brought in this volume of new business.”

Source: Calgaryherald News

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