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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Woman from Nova Scotia selling an iconic Zellers restaurant booth

Woman selling an iconic Zellers restaurant booth

Key Takeaways:

  • Raquel Bristol purchased the booth about ten years ago when a Zellers in the Halifax area closed down.
  • Have you ever told you could own a piece of Canadian cultural history?

Raquel Bristol of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia., is thinking about selling a booth from the famous family restaurant that used to be inside the now-closed Zellers in Bayers Lake if she can find the right buyer.

“It’s just a enjoy piece to talk about when people come over to visit; it is just an entertainment section,” Bristol explained to Radio’s Information Morning Halifax.

Bristol and her husband purchased the booth about ten years ago when many stores across Canada were closing down, including the much-loved restaurant. The teal blue and cream-colored booth have been sitting in Bristol’s dining room under the bay window ever since.

iconic Zellers restaurant booth; Image from C.B.C. News

Bristol stated that the decades-old booth is in good condition and is still daily.

However, the iconic piece of furniture may now be yours. As a child, she used to go to the restaurant with her grandparents for early morning breakfast, which is a shared memory for many Canadians. She also recalls Zeddy, the store’s massive teddy bear mascot, as well as the birthday parties.

Bristol advertised the booth on Facebook Marketplace for $600 to see if anyone was interested. “It’s an old piece, and we weren not sure if anyone else would be interested in it like we were, but there appears to be a lot of interest right now,” she explained.

She is already received a dozen messages from potential buyers, some of whom have offered more than the asking price. For example, one buyer stated that they were remodeling their kitchen and wanted to include the Zellers memorabilia.

Bristol said she isn’t sure if she will part ways with the booth just yet despite the interest.

Source: CBC news

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