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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Violators of the Covid-19 Health Order in Nova Scotia face punishment

Covid-19 Health Order

Key Takeaways:

  • Following a COVID-19 outbreak in northern Nova Scotia that resulted in at least three deaths.
  • The government has increased the fines for violating public health regulations.

The reason for the toughened enforcement measures, according to Premier Tim Houston. He was a recent faith-based meeting blamed by health officials for a deadly epidemic at the 74-bed long-term care home East Cumberland Lodge in Pugwash, N.S., and end at a group home in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

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Houston said the maximum fines were too low after a pastor in Amherst was fined $2,422 on Wednesday for arranging a religious gathering in October that breached COVID-19 health rules.

Following a cabinet meeting, the premier told reporters, “We need to take the steps that we can.” “A deterrent is needed, and the fines as they were were insufficient.” Organizations will be penalized the highest allowable penalty under the Health Protection Act, which is $11,622 for the first offense and $57,622 for the second and subsequent offenses, starting immediately.

Individuals who either arrange or attend an unauthorized gathering face a maximum punishment of $2,422 for a first offense and $11,622 for successive crimes, as well as the possibility of jail time. The premier said it’s unlikely that the harsher fines will be applied retroactively. Still, he expressed hope that as a result of the province’s ongoing inquiry, additional persons other than the pastor would be penalized for attending the October gathering.

According to health officials, among the 22 new infections reported on Thursday, no further instances of COVID-19 were detected at East Cumberland Lodge. A total of 31 residents and ten staff members have tested positive for new coronavirus at the facility. There are 236 current infections in Nova Scotia.

Source: CTV News

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