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The new program supports Nova Scotians cease smoking with free nicotine relief therapy

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Key takeaways: 

  • Almost 200 Nova Scotians have enlisted for Quit NS’s program since Tuesday.
  • Quit NS is founded on a program created by the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health in Toronto. 

The Quit NS program for smokers to stop: 

A new program that provides complimentary nicotine relief therapies to individuals attempting to cease smoking cigarettes is now open in Nova Scotia for the first time.

On Tuesday, the Lung Association of Nova Scotia undertook the latest program, named Quit NS.  

The program seeks to support participants quitting smoking over four weeks by providing complimentary nicotine relief therapies, such as gums and lozenges, mailed straight to them.

“The priority is to get nicotine relief therapy into the hands of individuals that are looking to attempt and quit,” stated Robert MacDonald, the president and CEO of the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. Source –

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Nova Scotians will get help from the Quit NS program to stop smoking

“January is always a good month — a new start — and now is the moment to attempt and help those that are looking to discover some answers to quit smoking.” Source –

Quit NS is founded on a program created by the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health in Toronto, partnered with the Lung Association to get it to Nova Scotia.

MacDonald stated 400 nicotine relief therapy kits are open to Nova Scotians over 18. They must have a mailing address, presently smoke cigarettes, and be ready to try to leave within 30 days of program enrolment.

Individuals can register online or by contacting the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. 

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