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Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Canadian Red Cross awards honor on two Nova Scotian volunteers

Canadian Red Cross gave its highest honor

Key Takeaways:

  • In Nova Scotia, the Canadian Red Cross gave its highest honor to two volunteers for their humanitarian efforts.
  • The awards were given out on December 5, which also happens to be International Volunteer Day.

At a ceremony held at Province House, David Williams of Halifax and Mary Mcnab of Dartmouth were awarded the Order of the Red Cross.

Williams and Mcnab were two of 11 Canadian Red Cross volunteers across the country to receive the humanitarian organization’s highest volunteer honor. Only 350 people are eligible for membership in the Order of the Red Cross.

“I was just honored and humbled to receive this award,” Mcnab, who has volunteered with the Red Cross for nearly 20 years, said. “There are so many wonderful Red Cross volunteers; I wish I could share it with all of them.”

Canadian Red Cross awards; Image from Canadian Red Cross

Williams has spent 15 years volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross. He is now a senior trainer or facilitator and a team leader, assisting in the coordination of minor to large scale disaster response efforts in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

“I’d say, like my colleague, I’m very humbled to be receiving the award,” Williams said. “Especially when I’m surrounded by such amazing volunteers who have done so much good both locally and internationally.”

Williams and Mcnab have put themselves in situations involving the worst tragedies of people’s lives, helping them regain their footing. Whether it’s assisting locals to be affected by a house fire or traveling around the world to help others coping with natural disasters like hurricanes.

Mcnab recalled Hurricane Katrina’s devastation and the death toll in New Orleans in 2005. “Whether volunteering locally or abroad, the health and prosperity of all communities is critical to creating a thriving society.” We can get the job done while also supporting our neighbours next door and around the world if we work together.”

Source: Global News

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