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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Nova Scotia students back to offline learning

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • Nova Scotia is the 1st Atlantic region to restart classrooms this year.
  • Nova Scotia Teachers Union president Paul Wozney spoke to the media on Monday as students led back into 400 public schools across the region for offline learning, the first region in Atlantic Canada to resume classrooms this year. 

Nova Scotian students back to offline learning: 

After a vast winter break and a week of online learning because of the constant surge of COVID-19, Nova Scotia students returned to offline learning on Monday.

Nova Scotia is the first Atlantic region to return to classrooms but entered the ranks of B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan, which resumed schools before this month. Ontario and Quebec classrooms also resumed Monday.

“We clearly understand that there’s anxiety about what today was going to bring and how the next five days will play out,” stated Tim Simony, chair of the Public School Administrators Association of Nova Scotia. Source –

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The students of Nova Scotia back to offline learning

But, he added, the team at schools and the provincial centres that control them have been operating tough to make sure offline learning will work.

Simony stated his company — which represents principals, vice-principals and superintendents — has confidence in Public Health’s advice. “We’ve had a lot of past success following the advice from Public Health and, from an association perspective, that’s why we persist to do so.” Source –

In some ways, Public Health guidance for schools is identical now as it has been in earlier surges of the pandemic. Everyone in schools is anticipated to wear masks besides when eating, drinking or when physically active; students are to be held in cohorts and there are to be no big crowds such as assemblies. No non-essential visitors are permitted in schools.

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